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About Us

Edgbaston Education, founded in 2016 by Owais Ahmed, embodies a vision of "Education with a Purpose." Owais, previously an investment banker, established both Edgbaston College and Edgbaston Education with a clear goal: to guide young adults through their educational journey, ensuring it serves as a solid foundation for a successful future career. This vision sees GCSEs, A-Levels, and university education not just as academic milestones, but as pivotal steps towards fulfilling career aspirations.

Education with a purpose

At Edgbaston Education, we pride ourselves on a team that includes many former headteachers, esteemed professionals like doctors and dentists, and Oxbridge graduates. This diverse pool of expertise ensures that our students receive guidance that is not only academically sound but also rich in real-world experience and insight. Our approach is holistic, focusing on each student’s individual strengths and aspirations.

Our track record speaks for itself. We have successfully assisted over 200 students in gaining admission to medicine/dentistry and Oxbridge. Additionally, through both the College and the Consultancy, we have helped thousands of students achieve outstanding grades. These achievements are a testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to provide education that truly serves a purpose.

Edgbaston Education’s ethos goes beyond traditional teaching methods. We emphasise personalized education plans, tailored to align with each student’s unique goals and learning style. Our University Advisory Services are particularly noteworthy for their comprehensive support, assisting students through the complex maze of university applications, personal statement crafting, and interview preparation.


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