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A-Level Tuition

Strong A-Level performance is vital for university applications and future career success. At Edgbaston Education, we hand-pick A-Level tutors who provide motivating and engaging tuition, designed to help your child fulfill their potential.


Why Edgbaston Education

Edgbaston Education stands out for its exceptional A-Level tuition services. Our tutors are not only academically accomplished but often serve as examiners for various exam boards, providing insider expertise vital for student success. Our tutors have a wealth of experience in their A-Level subject, ensuring a deep understanding of the course. Each tutor is selected for their expertise in your child's specific exam board. 


Subects Offered 

Subject Area Subjects Offered
English English Literature
Maths Maths & Further Maths
Sciences Biology, Chemistry & Physics 
Humanities History, Geography, Religious Studies, Politics & Philosophy
Languages German, Spanish, French
Social Sciences Economics & Phychology 
Technology Computer Science


Benefits of Private Tutoring

Private tutoring at Edgbaston Education is bespoke, designed to cater to each student's unique needs, whether they require regular weekly sessions or intensive short-term preparation. Our approach focuses on areas where the student needs the most improvement, leading to effective and efficient learning​​.

This personalised approach is also particularly beneficial for students retaking their A-levels, as our tutors help refine understanding and improve exam techniques. Students requiring comprehensive support may find our One Year A-Level Retake Programme at Edgbaston College particularly beneficial.


The Edgbaston Education Approach

Our approach to A-Level tuition is multifaceted:

  • Regular Assessments: We conduct ongoing evaluations to track progress and adjust teaching strategies accordingly.
  • Online Learning Platform: Students have access to a wealth of resources, including lesson recordings and materials, ensuring they can review content at their own pace.
  • Bespoke Homework: Assignments are tailored to the student's needs, reinforcing learning objectives.
  • Regular Performance Reports: Parents receive updates on their child's progress, maintaining transparency and fostering collaborative efforts in education.
  • Personalized Education Plans: Each student receives a custom-tailored plan, focusing on their specific academic goals and learning style.


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