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Medicine & Dentistry Tutoring

At Edgbaston Education, our specialized tutoring for medicine and dentistry applications is led exclusively by experienced doctors and dentists who have a proven track record of successfully guiding over 200 students into medical and dental schools. Their expertise and firsthand experience in the field provide invaluable insights and tailored guidance to aspiring medical and dental students.


Individual 1-1  Hourly Tutoring from Doctors & Dentists:

  1. UCAT Preparation: Master the techniques and strategies for the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT), an essential component for many medical and dental schools in the UK.
  2. Interview Preparation: Our bespoke 1-1 interview preparation is designed to build confidence and enhance communication skills, crucial for medical and dental school interviews.
  3. Personal Statement Assistance: We support students in drafting and reviewing their personal statements, hepling them make compelling personal statements, showcasing your passion and commitment to the field of medicine or dentistry.
  4. Work Experience Advice: Get advise in securing relevant pre-university work experience, a vital aspect of making your application stand out.


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